Artistic production in the transnational cultural networksAppel à contribution, Instituto de Historia del Arte Argentino y Americano, Argentine

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Boletín de Arte calls to send works on artistic production in the transnational cultural networks. Simultaneous geographies and temporalities.

In the field of academic production and in the exhibition world there have been, in the last years, several historiographic reconsiderations that, backed by postcolonial and decolonial studies and visual culture, and with the objective of making an horizontal history of art, aim to question the hierarchical relations between the artistic production centers and to foster pluralisms and transnational networks of artistic and intellectual exchange.

Works that address specific problems and cases related to the suggested topic, appealing to the contributions of the mentioned perspectives will be received for the section ARTICLES. Proposals that discuss the epistemological and methodological scope of these perspectives will be received for the section APPROACHES. 


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It is a free topic call for the sections STATUS OF THE ISSUE and REVIEWS.

Deadline: April 6 th


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