ARABÉCÉDAIRE: Solo exhibition dedicated to Hamed AbdallaMorad Montazami, The Mosaïc Rooms, London

This solo exhibition is dedicated to the influential Egyptian modernist painter Hamed Abdalla (1917-1985). ARABÉCÉDAIRE explores Abdalla’s extensive archives and library, looking at him both as an artist and as a researcher. Curated by Morad Montazami, this will be the first exhibition in the UK of this significant Egyptian artist.

The title of the exhibition is rooted in the French word ‘Abécédaire’ meaning a visual alphabet primer. Abdalla’s work centred on his development of what he called the ‘creative word’, written words expressed in paint, blending abstraction and human forms. This exhibition will focus on six resonant words to examine the development of Abdalla’s visual language and political ideas through previously unseen material and archives.

ARABÉCÉDAIRE will explore his journeys, both real and imagined, with connections extending to the European CoBrA group and the non-aligned movements, (the global movement of states who remained independent from the super powers of the time). Through mapping and archival displays it will show Abdalla as a kind of visual archaeologist of ‘Arabness’.


Coming Next

CURATOR TOUR / Cosmic Roads - Saturday 14 April, 2pm
Curator Morad Montazami leads a tour of ARABÉCÉDAIRE by Egyptian modernist painter Hamed Abdalla. M. Montazami will offer an insight into Abdalla’s work and his extensive archive and into his own research process for the exhibition.

BOOK LAUNCH - Saturday May 19, 4pm at Mosaïc Rooms
Morad Montazami, editor of the book Hamed Abdalla : Arabécédaire will be in conversation with two authors from the project, Kristine Khouri and Clare Davies.


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